How many days you eat tablet vitamin B 12 and makes your vitamin perfect?

Vitamin D
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How many days you eat tablet vitamin B 12 and makes your vitamin perfect?

How many days you eat tablet vitamin B 12 and makes your vitamin perfect?According to the research 500 mcg of vitamin B12 capsule for 8 weeks supplementary is enough for a body to be normalize.If you have deficiency of vitamin D then you need to take supplimenatry of capsule evrday 1 atleast 8 week to makes your body normalize.

Vitamin B12 is very important for your health. If you are deficiency of Vitamin B 12 then you may get some harm diseases .And also if you have deficiency of vitamin B12 then consult with the doctore and start to take the Capsule advised by doctors.See, you can’t cure Vitamin B12 on your own. If you have a deficiency of Vitamin B12, then you have to consult with the doctor, and whatever they advise, go with that.

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What you should eat in your meals every day if you are suffering from vitamin B12?

1.Everyday once you wake up eat 1 Orange ,1 Apple, 1 Banana and one any fruits which you like .But everyday you should eat Orange and Banana and eat other any two.Because Orange and Banana is very good for those you is suffering from Vitamin b12.

2.Take Supplimenatrt or Capsule advised by Doctor.If doctor advised you to take capsule everyday after your lunch then eat everyday until your course is not over.once you start taking Medicine then connect with doctor always and eat until they advised.

3.Drink milk at least once a day. You shouldn’t ignore milk in your daily life. If you drink Milk two times everyday then your calcim becomes good and you will not get deficiency of Calcium also.So take everyday milk after a meal or before a meal—it depends on you—whenever you want. Some persons give execuses that when they drink milk then they will get gas but that is not true .You take this as a habitual

4.Always drinks water frequently.Water is also very important .If you are dehydrated then you will find weakness and get other diseases.So, Must drink water how much you can drink..

5.Take Sun Bathe atleast 20-30 mins.If you are taking sunbath the it will gives you energetic and your deficiency go decrease.

6.Eat Mean every 2 hours. Don’t go more than 2 hours without food. If you are not hungry then also you should eat in every 2 hrs small small quantity.

Some Important Points About Vitamin B12

1.If you have a deficiency of Vitamin B12, you will not have healthy red blood cells.

2.If you are lack of Vitamin B12 then you will get fatigue nausea.

3.If you do small work then also you will fatigue and becomes tired.Thought if you don’t do anything then also you will feel fatigue and gets irritation also.When you are getting irritation without any reasons then you have to think why you are getting irritation or sometimes if you gt angry then also you have to think why you are getting anger then you have to consult with the doctor if you get these all symptoms then without any wasting time consult with doctor and if doctor say for the test then go with the test what they advised and then according to the doctor advise do everythings because if you ignore this the later you will get some major diseases because of careless.

What all steps you should keep in your mind before consult with doctor?

1.You should know why you will consult with the doctor. If you don’t know the exact reason, then you will get confused when the doctor asks about your problems. So Before consult with the soctor you should keep in mind the reasons or the eact problem what all things you are getting problem in your body.You can do one things if you keep in mind and then also you can forget then write down in point all the reasons of the problem in points.In this way if you are infront of doctor and you forget also then also you can see in your notes and tell all the problems to doctor.

2.You can go with other people so that if you get confused, they can help you. Always go with someone who can help you. Suppose what doctor advised you and you forget then if there will be someone with you then they can remind you what doctor said .And also sometimes you need help also in many ways ,sometimes you need help to buy medicine or sometimes you need to go for the lab test etc. So there are many reasons for which you can take help from them.

3.You go with all the previous report .Sometime they may ask what all medicine you have taken previous.So if you have report then you can tell them that these all medicine you have taken previously and also if you have report of test of your body then that also you bring so that you can show to doctor about your previous history.Sometimes if doctor don’t know that you have take multiple doses of some medicine and he suggest you that medicine then it can harm you also.So , Always doctor should know everythings what all supplimenatry you have taken in yourprevious.

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