How to create Project using Spring Initializer

How to create Springboot project using Initializr
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How to create Project using Spring Initializer

A fantastic tool created by the spring team called Spring Initializr can help you quickly bootstrap your Spring Boot projects.The process of making a Spring Boot application is very flexible. The most straightforward method is to utilise Spring Initializr at

Using the Spring Initializr tool, we will develop a straightforward Spring Boot “hello world” instructional project that we will import into the Eclipse IDE.

Among all programming languages, the Java language is one of the most widely used. Whether for security reasons or when creating massive distribution projects, adopting the java programming language has several benefits. One benefit of utilising Java is that it makes an effort to relate each language concept to the outside world by using ideas like classes, inheritance, polymorphism, etc.Other Java ideas, such as generic, access specifiers, annotations, etc., improve the developer-friendly interaction between the java code and the programmer. These features give the class and method of the Java application an additional property.

Spring Initializer:A web-based application called Spring Initializr makes it simple to create the framework of a Spring Boot project. Additionally, it offers a variety of unique characteristics for the projects represented by a metadata model. With the help of this model, we may customise the JVM’s list of supported dependencies.

Steps to follow :

1.Please visit Spring Initializr.
2.Provide the information as required.
3.The starter project will be downloaded when you click Generate.
4.Remove the zip file.
5.Make a Java class called “Controller” and add the annotation to it.
6.Add the URL address and the put request to Postman.

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With Spring initializer, create a Spring Boot project.

How to create Springboot Project using Spring Initializer

Follow the steps to create Project using Spring Initializer:

Step 1:Start Spring Initializr by

Step 2:Enter the Project Information details like:

  • Generate: Maven Project
  • Language: Java
  • Java Version: 1.8 (Default)
  • Spring Boot: 2.1.4
  • Group ID
  • Artifact ID
  • Name: Hello World
  • Description: Demo
  • Packaging: jar (This is the default value)
  • Dependencies: Web, JPA, MySQL


Step 3:Import project in Eclipse ID.

Click File -> Import -> Existing Maven Project

Create Springboot project


On the following screen, click or type the location to the folder where you extracted the zip file.

How to create springboot project

Step 4:Maven will need some time to download all the dependencies and start the project when you click Finish.

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