What to drink to lower blood pressure quickly

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Written by Julia Cohen

What to drink to lower blood pressure quickly

‍High blood pressure is a major risk factor for many chronic conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension. But even though our blood sugar can fluctuate unpredictably during the day, raising the alertness level early in the morning to reduce our stress levels is one of the best ways to lower blood pressure quickly and prevent future problems. In this article, we discuss the many different ways that drinking alcohol can lower your blood pressure quickly. We also share some experienced tips on how to safely and effectively drink alcohol to lower your blood pressure quickly. Try these five alcohol-lowering strategies below and see if you feel better in no time!

Drink to drink

Kids love to drink. It’s what they were taught to do by their parents and the media and it’s just something they do today too. If you have a kid who drinks regularly, you might want to consider having him/her under control. It’s not healthy for everyone, and even for people who don’t drink, the effects of drinking on your health aren’t 100% understood. But even though drinking influences our thinking and actions as well as our sense of self, it should not be done every day. Take a look at these five examples of excessive drinking, and you’ll see what I mean.

Drink regularly

Drinking doubles the impact of any given event, including the level of stress you feel at the moment. While you shouldn’t drink and drive or drink and be clumsy, you should drink in moderation when you have the chance. These include social drinks at home, in the living room, and at a job function. Some drinking behaviors are normal, and others are abnormal. If you regularly drink, try to learn how to drink responsibly.

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Ban the bottle

If you often drink, and if you find it hard to control, it might be a sign you need to start drinking with caution. But before you do, try to drink in moderation. A 15-ounce glass of wine is likely to be drinkable for one person, and an 18-ounce bottle of wine for another. For example, if you often drink wine with dinner, try to put it down at night. If you often drink in public, try to avoid being in a public place where everyone can see you drinking.

Eat well before drinking

You need to eat well before drinking to avoid developing blood vessels in your eyes, developing memory problems, and becoming dehydrated. Fat is a major source of water retention, so having a healthy amount of fat (1-3 percent of your calories) in your diet helps lower blood pressure and help you feel full longer.

Try the new drink on your nightstand

If you often drink alcohol, or you find that new drinks are too exotic or expensive to try, there is a chance you don’t drink enough. And when you don’t drink enough, you can end up with higher blood pressure and a higher risk of developing certain diseases.

Stay hydrated while drinking

When you have excess blood pressure, it can lead to high-stress levels. And drinking all day can stress you out even more. So drinking water while you work out is likely to lower your stress levels, and help you feel more confident and relaxed.


Drinking is a major source of stress, and can actually lower your blood pressure. However, you don’t have to drink and drive or drink and be clumsy to get in trouble with your blood pressure. Generally, you should drink and drive when you’re really sick, or have a high blood pressure condition, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Also, be careful when you’re in a rush because you can over-drink and crash. Drinking alcohol is a risky behavior, but one that can be reduced by taking a slow, cold drink first thing in the morning. And drinking in moderation can help you feel better in no time.

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