Where do travellers prefer to spend the night?

Travel during night
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When you plan to travel at night, you must first think about your time management and the resources you have. Because Many of the peoples don’t get time to travel during day because of work load ,So for this you can go outdide during late night and spend time and makes you calm.If you travel during night then not only you can save time but also you can save your money.

How do you save money and time when you travel at night?

First most of them don’t have time in day so they can plan during night .If they plan during the night, then they can save time because during the day they can complete their work, whatever it is, and then during the night they can go outside. So in this way, they can handle both cases. If they complete there work during day and night they come outside then they feel good also because in this way after doing work while when they come outside then they feel good .They can save money also if they travel during night than day.Because In day trip All markets open ,they sometime you go good restaurant for having delicious food or if the traveller is girls then they will thik for the shopping.So there are many resources you will get during a day trip, but if you travel at night, you will not get as many resources, and in this way, your money gets saved.

Which types of places make you feel nice when you travel at night?

If you travel after sun sets ,when there will be complete dark , the cities look romantic and you will enjoy.Although if you are not living in cities then also after sun set if you start you trip you will see the atmosphere you feel more romantic which you will not feel during day. If you go near to sea during night you will feel more romantic atmosphere or environment, calm and peace you will get . No Sound which gives you disturbed. Everythings you fee silent and peace. You can enjoy the climate .

During night you can see moon light and some creatures which you found during night only like owl etc. If the weather is some cold then you can enjoy climate more with a sawl .

Which type of food should you try when you travel at night?

If you are health conscious, then you should pack your food from home during travel. Because if you have food, you don’t need to eat outside food, which is sometimes not healthy. But if you are travelling at night, then you can pack some healthy food because during the night there may be chances that you will not get anything to eat because of the lack of shops, although sometimes if you find shops, you will not get several types of food. So, it depends on your diet as to what types of food you are fond of during travel. But I can suggest you what type of food you can apck from your house during travelling .You can take some dry food like nuts, almonds, etc. And also if you love maggie that also you can pack .I know Maggie is not good for your health, but it depends on you alone. You can take fruits like guava , apple etch with you because late night if you don’t have anything to eat then you can eat this all like avocado , pop corn ,carrots etc.

Which is the best time to travel during night?

The best time to travel during night is winter seaosns.You can plan to travel from November to March because this is the best time to travel anywhere, especially in India. Because in Summer , it is very hot so you will not feel comfort while travelling in summer .So that’s why, during the winter, you can enjoy more. The ideal place which you fee more good in Agra , MP specialy if you travel Goa during this seasons you will enjouy alots there.

The best seasons are November and February, because in these months you will not feel too cold or too hot. You will get the mixture of cold and hot.But it also depends on the people. Some people loves cold some loves hot so according to you , decides which climates you will enjoy more.If you are lover of winter the you should plan in winter and will enjoy your trip in winter.During winter if you get hot pakora and tea or coffee during sunsets then there will be no comparison of anythings.

To whom should you travel when you come outside during night?

If you go with your friend in your trip then they will make more enjoyable .Because when you travel with your friend then you will travel with lots of gossips and all.When you sit somewhere and feel the atmosphere and some gossips about their carrer or friends ,it gives you more enjoyable because when you travel with your friends then you will enjoy more .Otherwise travel with your partner if you are in relationship then go with your partner and enjoy the beauty of nature with your partner.If you travel during night in winter with your partner then you will release that what you have what you don’t have.If you don’t have then what you have to do.Sometimes you can relax there and makes your mins peace and calm .Don;t think about the work,gives your mind relax

If you are a lover of summer, then you should plan your trip during the summer. In the summertime, you will also get some seasonal fruits to eat, which will make your journey more enjoyable.

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